Wireless Botrix

“What will we be doing, when everything that can be done, can be done better by robots?”

In today’s world Wireless Robotics technology including wireless radio frequency technology, infrared technology, GSM technology, and so on. These wireless communication systems can be used to transmit different types of signals from transmitting end to receiving end. The control signal from transmitter is sent to the receiver which is connected to an object or device or vehicle that is to be remotely controlled. For example, IR remote is used to control TV remotely. Similarly, this article mentions about a wirelessly controlled robot controlled using radio frequency technology

rff robo

Radio frequency controlled robotic vehicle is designed using a robotic vehicle that is interfaced with radio frequency remote control. RF transmitter is used by control panel or controlling person and RF receiver is connected to the robotic vehicle that is to be controlled remotely. Radio frequency remote control works over an adequate range (up to 200 meters) by facilitating with proper antenna.

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