Corporate Training

In today Digital World, it necessary for every organization to provide high quality services to its customers with smart solution & learning, and stay ahead in the race. High quality service requires that the engineers have a rock solid understanding on the technologies they work on.

Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics & Robotics are becoming more and more pervasive, touching virtually all aspects of daily life. From mobile phones to automobiles, industrial equipment to high-end medical devices, home appliances, etc. Embedded systems today forms the very heart of all industrial and home appliances.

As we understand the fast changing requisite standards and skills, our program focuses on the overall development of the trainees by enhancing their technical and behavioral skills thereby making them industry ready. During the course of our training the trainees will gain hands-on experience on a spectrum of embedded applications. Effective support by our industry experts will sharpen their creative skills which in turn gives them the impetus to think innovative.

EnGeniusLab offers a comprehensive Corporate Training Program that has a well-integrated approach to embedded systems development to train students in improving their effectiveness and efficiency in the field of Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics & Robotics.

EnGeniusLab also have to reduce attrition rate and get the maximum benefit from their engineers, for which the engineers have to work at their maximum productivity with minimum frustration.

Our Training-Folio

EnGeniusLab offers Advanced Corporate Course in Embedded Systems. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students, there by provides for bridging the gap between industry’s requirements and students’ academic skill set. By pursuing the Institute’s Program in Embedded Systems the students gain ready acceptance in the market.









Our Advanced Course in Embedded systems serves the interests of practicing embedded software engineers as well as those engineers planning to enter the embedded field. The course content of this Program is approved by the industry and it,

  1. Presents practical lessons and techniques for use in Designing, Implementing, Integrating and Testing software for Modern Embedded Systems
  2. Describes what an embedded system is, what makes them different, and what embedded systems designers need to know to develop embedded systems
  3. Provides the student with a life cycle view for designing multi-objective, multi-discipline embedded systems
  4. Imparts a solid understanding of the role of embedded systems and embedded systems design and development in modern day’s technology-enabled society