LabVIEW Botrix

“Every giant leap for mankind resulting from a technological advance requires a commensurate step in the opposite direction – a counterweight to ground us in humanity.”

LabVIEW Robotics mean many things to many people, and EnGeniusLab offers intuitive and productive design tools by National Instruments for everything from designing autonomous vehicles to teaching robotics design principals. The LabVIEW graphical programming language makes it easy to program complex robotics applications by providing a high level of abstraction for sensor communication, obstacle avoidance, path planning, kinematics, steering, and more.

LabVIEW, a development environment designed specifically to accelerate the productivity of engineers and scientists. With a graphical programming syntax that makes it simple to visualize, create, and code engineering systems, LabVIEW is unmatched in helping engineers translate their ideas into reality, reduce test times, and deliver business insights based on collected data. From building smart machines to ensuring the quality of connected devices, LabVIEW has been the preferred solution to create, deploy, and test the Internet of Things for decades.


EnGeniusLab offer this technology with robotics for development of robots for industrial purpose and better future.The LabVIEW graphical system design and NI real-time hardware platforms provide hands-on design opportunities for mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. From undergraduate labs to research projects, students and engineers are using LabVIEW software to drive the future of robotics.

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